Hemi Long Block

BAE Billet Standard Deck Block with 4.467 Bore

CFH High Port Heads 2.450 X 1.900

Reid Roller shaft rocker arms

4.150 Splined Bryant Crank

Victory DLC Coated Valves

JE Pistons

BAE mag Valve Covers

BAE Mag Intake

RCD Wobble Drive

RCD Idler Assembly

RCD Front Cover and Gear Drive

RCD pump Extension

RCD timing pointer and trigger Brackets

Plueger RCD Dry Sump Oil Pump

Moroso Dry Sump Oil Pan

.905 Morel Lifter

60mm Cam

Manton Pushrods

GRP Rods

New Sleeves

New 2,3,4 Main Caps

New Rods

New Pistons

Fresh Ready to Go