Long Block with Spare Heads

Block: AJPE light weight standard deck 4.471 bore, Jesel .937 keyway lifter, 60mm cam tunnel, spread lifter block

Bryant Crank: 4.150 stroke, standard hemi journal sizes, splined, 37 runs

R&R rods: new 3 dyno pulls, Precision wrist pin 3.400 x 1.094

Ross Pistons: 4.471 bore, new 3 dyno pulls

Jesel Keyway .937 lifters 3 dyno pulls

BAE magnesium manifold

Williams sheet metal black anodized valve covers

MBE Spread lifter heads: Billet, 2.450 x 1.900 victory valves, PSI triple intake springs, PSI double exhaust springs, 10 degree victory steel locks, victory steel lash caps

Reid Rocker Arms: High ratio, 3 dyno pulls

RCD gear drive

RCD 5.5″ pump extension

Missile dry sump oil pump with 3 stage scavenge

Shorty’s dry sump oil pan

RCD wobble mag drive

MSR Tool steel 60mm cam

Spare MBE Outlaw Spread Lifter Heads (Bare)

Engine by Mike Stawicki @ MSR Performance

3 Dyno Pulls only