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Resolution Racing Services Steps into the Radial Vs The World Arena


Six months ago I got a call from Jeremy Evrist asking me if I was interested in tuning a Radial vs World car. About two minutes later I was speaking to team owner Eddie Whelan. He assured me that we would have the equipment to get the job done. Two days later I was at the track with this team and it’s been full speed ahead since then. Super proud of this entire team. Joe Albrecht has not only driven like a champ but also set this car up to make it handle the power I needed to give it to perform like it has. Rico Radial and  Joe Alagna keep this car in perfect running order. Michael Lang watches over everyone and makes sure the car is delivered and recovered. Melanie Salemi , Jim Salemi, Mike Stawicki and Jeff Pierce for always keeping me on the correct path. Proud that we are the first Supercharged Drag Radial car in the 3.70’s and over 200 mph. Coming up .02 short in the final round will only make us dig that much harder. Looking forward toward the future with our new race family, one race at a time. See everyone in February for Lights Out!!!

New Technology Brings New Smiles to the Melanie Salemi Motorsports Team

The Melanie Salemi Motorsports Team is happy with recent on track results utilizing Fueltech EFI FT500 engine management system and Atomizer Fuel Injectors. During a test session / race event in Bradenton, Florida we made several runs in the 3.80’s with the Melanie Salemi driven G-Force Race Cars built 68 Firebird and worked out what it takes to have an EFI system on a supercharged Pro Mod. The FT500 is a complete management system controlling all of the tuning functions of the engine as well as shifting the car. We made a total of 12 runs and it worked flawlessly on all of them.

As always it takes a team effort for a successful venture and we would like to thank everyone involved for a successful trip. This wouldn’t have been possible without, G-Force Race Cars Inc, MSR Performance, Resolution Racing Services, Jeff Pierce, Fueltech EFI, Proline Racing and Atomizer Fuel Injectors. We are really looking forward to the 2016 racing season and expanding on this new and upcoming technology. For more information on Fueltech EFI Set up for all roots blown applications, call Jon Salemi at Resolution Racing Services 716-832-7583

Melanie Salemi Victorious in Pro Boost at Rockingham



In just her second outing with a new, supercharged MSR ’68 Firebird, Melanie Salemi started from the third position in Precision Turbo Pro Boost with a 3.86 pass at 192.11 mph, then ran like a bracket racer with runs of 3.86, 3.92, 3.86 and 3.86 respectively through Joe Baker, Larry Higgenbotham, Ric Fleck and finally Anthony Disomma to earn her first professional win.

“I’m completely overwhelmed. We’ve had this great vision of everything coming together and this is even better than what I imagined,” the transplanted Canadian from Buffalo, NY, declared. “First and foremost I have to thank my husband Jon, my brother-in-law Jim Salemi and Mike Stawicki, as well as my father, Roger Simmons. He couldn’t be here this week but we won it for him.”

In the final round, Salemi left first with a .047 light while Disomma was dead late at .158 in his twin-turbocharged ’67 Shelby Mustang. Regardless, Salemi also outran her opponent with a 3.86 at 192.63 as he put together a 3.87 at a slowing 123.84 mph.

“I knew I got out on him and I took a quick look over a couple of hundred feet out or so and still didn’t see him, but I was so worried he was going to come flying by me at the finish line,” Salemi described of her final run. “When I got there it just got quiet, but when I looked up and saw the ‘W’ on in my lane I just started celebrating in the car. I couldn’t understand why I didn’t hear from Jon for what seemed like an eternity, but he finally came on the radio and said he got mobbed on the starting line. It was pretty exciting.”

Courtesy of and Ian Tocher