TM Pro Mod Mustang Turn Key

Tommy Mauney Built Pro Mod Mustang

112 Wheel base

2250 pounds race ready with Hemi and Bruno/Lenco setup as dry sump (No Driver)

2009 Mustang Carbon Fiber Hairy Glass Body

Browell Titanium Bellhousing 6.3 SFI 7.200 Depth for Bruno (new w/ 12 runs)

Bruno w/ magnesium case and Lock-up converter set-up (new w/ 12 runs)

Lenco 3-speed with reverser (new w/ 12 runs)

Neal Chance lock-up converter (new w/ 12 runs)

Meziere Starter and Billet Steel Flexplate

Mark Williams 9.5 inch floater housing with carbon brakes

Lamb Struts with carbon brakes

Penske 8300 canister rear shocks (fresh rebuild w/ 8 rums)

Strange Ultra center section (Tom’s 5.0 gear)

Steel headers with Egt bungs

Safety Solutions / Simpson seat belts

Racetech carbon/Kevlar seat

Stroud Dual Parachutes with air launchers

20 Pound Fire System

Set up for dry sump oiling system

Racepak V300 SD computer

Electrimotion Fuel mgt

6-stage lean-out

Electrimotion Command Module ignition control

5 pound C02 bottle

Foot brake, (no hand brake)

Titanium Firewall

Titanium Driveshaft Tunnel

Lightweight Steering wheel

Titanium Window frames

Electrimotion Safety Box (not installed)

Full Carbon Interior

Penske cannister shocks on rear

Single titanium wheelie bar

Inner Liner w/ Hoosier 17/34.5-16 tire (6 to 8 runs on tires)

Has Been 3.72 on 17 inch tire and 3.80 on 10.5 tire with a screw blower

Extra car parts:

ISP Head Surround

ISP Seat Pour

Chrome molly wheelie bar

Spare Command Module

Fuel tank for use with wet sump setup

Carbon drive shaft for Lencodrive set-up

Lencodrive transmission mounts

Mickey Thompson bead-locks with Mickey 35.0/15.0-16 (3 runs on tires)

Racepak Includes: V-300 SD

1) Egt’s

2 )Ignition timing

3) 4 Corner Shock travel sensors

4 )Acceleration and lateral G

5) Oil pressure

6) Fuel pressure

7) Fuel flow meter

8) Drive shaft rpm

9) Engine rpm

10) Racepak dash

11) Boost Pressure


BAE 521 Hemi (new w/ 12 runs) 4.150 stroke 4.467 bore

1) New BAE TA-1 / Stg 10 heads w/ titanium valves

2) JE pistons from BAE

3) GRP rods

4) Bryant billet crank with spline snout

5) Manton Tool steel pushrods

6) Moroso dry sump oil pan

7) BAE magnesium intake

8) BAE billet block

9) BAE magnesium valve covers

10) Reid shaft rockers

11) Stainless port nozzle line

12) Goodridge Teflon hat nozzle lines

13) Fowler F-11 Extreme billet blower

14) Ramjet blower restraint and bag

15) Waterman fuel pump

16) Burnett (JBR) 4-blade carbon hat and spacer by Troy Critchney

17) MSD 44 amp mag (fresh rebuild)

18) 60 Mm Camshaft 4-7 Swap

All serious parts. Car can be a Pro Boost or Outlaw Pro Mod Contender

More pics upon Request

$125,000.00 Turn Key

Entire Racing Operation For Sale Interested

Radial vs. World / Outlaw 10.5 2006 Pontiac GTO For Sale

Car Details:

Vanishing Point built chassis 25.2 SFI Spec

109 inch wheelbase

Stock Front Frame Rail and Firewall

Fits Large Driver

2580 pounds with No Driver and No Ballast

Menscer Rear Shocks

Mark Williams 9.5 Modular Housing

Strange Ultra Case with 10 inch ring gear

Full Floater with M-300 Axles

Carbon Fiber Rear Brakes

Sanders 15 x 16 Double Beadlock wheels

20 Pounds Fire System

Dual Stroud Air Launcher Parachutes

Racepak V-300-SD with full options

Electrimotion 8 Chanel Timer with 4 pole Electrimotion Fuel mgt

Electrimotion 3 Speed Autoshifter

MSD Power Grid and ARC Module

New Windows in 2017

Santhuff Steel Body front struts

M/T Front Wheels

Front Mounted Aluminum Fuel Cell

Browell 6.3 SFI bellhousing

Fresh paint 2016

Driveline Details:

BAE 521 Inch Hemi, +.100 tall deck, 60mm camshaft with BAE TA-1 Heads & BAE Shaft Rockers.

PSI C rotor screw blower

Waterman Fuel Pump

All RCD Drive components

Wet Sump oil system

Carbon Fiber Engine Containment Diaper

MSD Pro Mag 44 Ignition system

Stainless Headers

Browell 6.3 SFI Bellhousing

Neal Chance 2 piece Billet Lock Up Converter

Quick Drive Lock Up Converter Drive Unit

B&J 3 Speed Triple Sprag Big Boy Transmission

PST Carbon Drive Shaft


2017 Lights Out Champion

2016 Yellow Bullet Nationals Winner

2016 No Mercy Runner Up

First RvW car in the 3.70’s and over 200

Top 3 Radial vs World contender

Car is also Legal for Cecil Outlaw 10.5 Competition


Inquire about Complete BAE Screw Blown engines also.

 $60,000.00 Rolling Chassis

$140,000.00 Turn Key


Call Jon Salemi at Resolution Racing Services 716-832-7583 or for further details, info and pictures.

Complete Turn Key Supercharged Top Dragster

Davelev32005 Gary Fritz Chassis

6.00 Second Cert

255 Inch Wheelbase

Fabricated 9 inch Housing

Aluminum Wing

Aluminum body (painted)

Deadenbear Control Box

Mark Williams Center Section 3.89 gears

40 Spline Axles

Mike’s Transmission Monster Glide 1.80 Low

Weld 17 x 17 Double Beadlock Wheels

Stroud Chutes

Taylor Belts

Single 4130 wheelie bar

Rear Puke Tank

Tach, Shift light, Autoshifter, oil pressure gauge

24 Volt Starting System

6 shooter with MSD controller

572 Cubic Inch 440 Wedge Engine

Dynoed at 2275 HP

14-71 SSI Blower

Burnett Carbon Dragster Injector

13 inch Wedge Heads Fully ported Cast

K-B Stage 7 Block

Bryant Crank

R&R Rods

Venolia Pistons

Isky Cam and Lifters

Victory Titanium Valves, Retainers, Steel locks and lash caps

Waterman Pump

Enderle Small parts

P&P Dry Sump


Fits 6’ 2” Driver

38 inches high Top to Bottom

22 inches at hoop


All Certifications are Current with Fresh Transmission


Has Gone 6.18 @ 224 mph


Pics available upon request