Hemi Long Block Complete

BAE Billet Block Standard Deck

AJ Musclehead II Heads

Victory Titanium Valves 2.400 x 1.900 (56 Runs)

Pac Springs 2709 and 1360

BAE Mag Manifold with burst and Distro Block and Lines. Can be for EFI or Mechanical

Ross 4.467 Pistons (56 Runs)

3.400 x 1.094 Precision Pins (56 Runs)

Bryant 4.150 Crank Keyed (56 Runs)

60 Mm Cam

1 inch Morel Lifters (56 Runs)

Manton Push Rods 7/16 to 1/2 Taper

Manton Shaft Rockers

R&R Billet Rods (new)

RCD Front Drive, Cover, Pump Extension

RCD Idler System

Moroso Dry Sump Pan

RCD Wobble Drive or Front Offset Drive

Titan Dry Sump Pump

Sheet Metal Valve Covers with Burn Down Breathers

Engine is fresh from (MSR Performance)

Engine has had Damage-1 Window, 1 Main Line Saddle, Pushed Head Gasket, #3 Chamber Repair.

This is the engine from Melanie Salemi’s Pro Mod from 2016-Mid 2017

Has run 3.73 @ 199 in 1/8 Mile Pro Boost and 5.79 @ 245 1/4


Call Jon Salemi at Resolution Racing Services 716-832-7583 or jon@resolutionracing.com

871 Littlefield Supercharger

871 Littlefield cast 60 degree standard helix rotors

Polished aluminum case

4 inch snout

30 runs since fresh

TC machine belt guard mount



Hemi Long Block

BAE Billet Standard Deck Block with 4.467 Bore

CFH High Port Heads 2.450 X 1.900

Reid Roller shaft rocker arms

4.150 Splined Bryant Crank

Victory DLC Coated Valves

JE Pistons

BAE mag Valve Covers

BAE Mag Intake

RCD Wobble Drive

RCD Idler Assembly

RCD Front Cover and Gear Drive

RCD pump Extension

RCD timing pointer and trigger Brackets

Plueger RCD Dry Sump Oil Pump

Moroso Dry Sump Oil Pan

.905 Morel Lifter

60mm Cam

Manton Pushrods

GRP Rods

New Sleeves

New 2,3,4 Main Caps

New Rods

New Pistons

Fresh Ready to Go




Davis Pro Filer 3

Brand New in the box

Latest Software updates for all things Profiler

All necessary Driveshaft rings and sensor

$5,850.00 invested will take $4,600.00 for entire system

Shannon Davis will update if Purchased


Misc Hemi Parts

(2) T&D Hemi Aluminum Pro Mod Shaft Rocker Arm Proline style 1.8 and 1.7 rocker Ratio 1/2 inch studs with Push ROds for Hemi Standard Deck
$1,200 per set

(1) Moroso Proline style Hemi wet sump oil pan -16 return

(1) System 1 Hemi wet sump oil pump

(1) PSI offset style mag Drive




3 PST Carbon Fiber Driveshafts

PST Carbon Fiber 3-3/4” 1350 Series Driveshaft with Upgraded Spicer Universal Joints. Lightly used, No yoke. Center to Center Length 31-3/4”


PST Carbon Fiber 3-3/4” 1350 Series Driveshaft with Upgraded Spicer Universal Joints. Lightly used, No yoke. Center to Center Length 32-3/4”


PST Carbon Fiber 3-3/4” 1480 Series Driveshaft with Upgraded Spicer Universal Joints. Used only one time. No Yoke. Center to Center Length 35-3/4”


MSD Ignition Coil

MSD part #8142

Used, tested by Electromotion

44 amp coil

$300.00 each

Turbo Headers

Brand new, never used

Built from 321 stainless

Hemi o-ring flanges

Will fit any modern pro mod


MBE Heads, Manton Rockers, BAE Manifold, and Covers

MBE billet fat heads

1.930 exhaust valve, victory titanium

2.520 intake valve, victory titanium

Intake installed height 2.150, 480 lbs

Exhaust installed height 2.150, 510 lbs

Fresh valve job from MSR

93cc chambers

Two chambers repaired

PAC triple intake valve springs

PAC triple exhaust valve springs



BAE magnesium hemi manifold

Roots blower

No studs, No burst panel

No damage

+.100 in tall deck



BAE Magnesium Hemi valve covers with spark plug tubes and burn down breathers









Blower Belts


84mm wide

1600 length

4 belts: two 1 run belts, one 2 run belt, one 3 run belt

$75 each