Lencodrive 3 Speed Transmission

Cs2 Gear Sets

1.48 x 1.41 for a 2.08 First Gear Ratio

1.250 Input Shaft

Forward Reverse Neutral Shifter with Lock out Pin

Air Shift Pods

Air Shift Buttons

Taylor Blanket

6.1 SFI Chevy Bellhousing Aluminum




Racing Electronics 2 Way Radio System


Driver: Radio, Headphones, Helmet Mic, Push to Talk Button, Wiring from radio to Helmet, Antenna for car & Radio Chargers.

Crew Member: Headset, Radio, Belt & Pouch.

Plastic Storage Case

Brand New Never Been Used

Helmet Not included


Carbon Fiber 3 Blade Injector Hat







Cg Composites Mk 7x Lt

9.5 inch bottom opening

5.5 inch blades 65 sq inch opening

Outboard front mount

Stainless shaft

Nozzle bodies




Kobelco 14-71 Superman Supercharger








K-11 rotors

Les Davenport Mods / Inserts for 20% overdrive

Rcd Upper Belt Guard

Jbr Super Pro Carbon 4 Blade hat

Enderle K Valve with distribution block and hat fuel lines

DJ safety 14.2 restraint plate

More pics available upon request


New B&J 3 Speed Big Boy

B&J 3 speed Big Boy Trans

Aluminum Case with Neutral

Triple Sprag

1.31 X 1.29

Ram Jet 4.1 sfi Safety Bag

Billet Shifter Mount

Never Been bolted up



Used Strange Ultra Case 3rd member

Strange Ultra Case with 4.29 ratio 10 inch gear set with 1350 series yoke with 18 runs
Buyer pay’s shipping from San Jose, California

Complete Hemi Long Block

Complete Hemi Long Block Currently Set up for Roots Supercharger
All parts New except for Block, Pump Extension,  Crank and Idler Assembly

BAE short deck block (1 window repair)
528 Cubic Inches
4.500 bore
Ross Pistons
Total seal rings
Precision 3.400 x 1.094 pins
MGP Rods
Bryant 4.150 splined crank
Rcd gear drive and front cover
Rcd Idler Pistol Grip
Rcd pump extension
Moroso dry sump pan
RCD / Plueger Dry Sump Oil Pump
Flat out head gaskets
Noonan Super 600 head 2.550 x 1.950
60 mm Cam MSR Profile
Manton roller shaft rockers
Manton 7/16 to 1/2 push rods
Cam FX 1 inch roller lifters
Victory valves
Victory locks and retainers 10 deg
PAC Valve Springs
Williams Black Sheet Metal Valve covers
BAE Roots mag short deck manifold

Built and Assembled by MSR Performance (Mike Stawicki)

Pictures Available upon Request


AJPE Fat Hat Hemi Long Block

AJPE Billet Hemi Standard Deck block with 4.467 Bore

Bryant 4.150 Keyed Crank

Arias Pistons 4.467 with .017 x 1/16 x 3/16 rings

No Damage / Welding on block or heads

AJPE Muscle Head II Billet Fat Heads

AJPE Magnesium Manifold

GRP Billet Rods (4 Runs)

60 mm Comp Cam @ .050 294 / 304. Intake is in on 114 with .500 lobe. Cam is ground on 116 center.

T&D Aluminum rockers

.905 Comp lifters

Victory 2.400 x 1.900 Titanium Valves

Victory retainers locks and lash caps

Pac 1360 intake and exhaust springs

All springs check for pressure

Coil bind checked

Manton Push Rods

M thrust bearing installed and grooved for oil passage

P&P / RCD Dry Sump Pump

AJPE Valve Covers

Dan Olson Dry Sump Pan

RCD Gear Drive and Front Cover

RCD Pump Extension

RCD Crank Hub and Internal Crank Support

37 Runs on Engine

4 Runs on Rods

New Rings, Bearings, Hoan


McAmis Stainless Hemi Pro Mod Headers

Headers Fit McAmis V4 68 Camaro
Fit Standard or Tall Deck Hemi engine with standard flange angle
EGT Bungs for Racepak
Pics available upon request


Waterman Fuel Pump

Used Waterman Fuel Pump

Nostalgia Style

19 gallon @ 8000 Engine Speed


Call Jon Salemi at Resolution Racing Services 716-832-7583 or jon@resolutionracing.com