BAE 7 Billet Heads

BAE 7 Billet Fat Heads
2.400 x 1.900 Victory Valves (beadlock)
Victory Ty Retainers, Steel 10 Victory Locks, Victory Lash Caps
1 Chamber Has been repaired by MSR Performance (Mike Stawicki)
Fresh Valve Job
PAC Springs (all have been checked)
Pics upon Request

Used Enderle 990 Pump

Enderle 990 Pump Bare

Needs Inlet fitting, Fuel Shut off/ Outlet, and mounting ring

In good shape.


B&J 3 Speed Big Boy

Aluminum Case
Reverse with Neutral
Shifter for Forward and Reverse with mount
Big Boy Triple Sprag
1.20 X 1.20
Ram Jet SFI Bag
26 runs total
Complete B&J Small Parts Kit (everything to Service trans)


Multiple B&J 3 Speed Transmissions

(1) Aluminum Case Unit
With Neutral
Includes Forward / Reverse Shifter with Neutral Safety Switch
Ram Jet SFI Bag
Call for Ratio Choices


(2) Magnesium Case Units
With Neutral
3 Speeds
Call for Ratio Choices


Spare Parts, Ratio’s and Misc

MBE Billet Outlaw Heads For Sale

2.520 Intake X 1.930 Exhaust
Both Heads have been repaired and fixed to MBE Spec
Sold Complete with Valves, Springs, Locks, Retainers and Lash Caps for $6,250.00
Sold Bare for $4,250.00
Heads have run low 3.50’s in 2300 Pound Screw Blown Pro Mod
Pics Available Upon Request

Lenco Cs 2 Gear Ratios

All Lenco CS2 35 Spline Gear Sets

1.56 Complete Ratio $1,200.00

1.56 Ratio with Clutch Drum and Ring Gear Bearing $800.00

1.50 Ring Gear Bearing Only $750.00

1.44 Clutch Drum and Ring Gear Bearing $800.00

1.41 Clutch Drum and Ring Gear Bearing $800.00

Lenco Drive Trans Brake Clutch Pack $150.00

Pics Available upon Request



Hemi Long Block

Complete Hemi Long Block Currently Set up for Roots Supercharger
All parts New except for Block, Pump Extension, and Idler Assembly

BAE short deck block (1 window repair)
477 Cubic Inches
4.500 bore
Ross Pistons
Total seal rings
Precision 3.400 x 1.094 pins
MGP Rods
Bryant 3.750 splined crank
Rcd gear drive and front cover
Rcd Idler Pistol Grip
Rcd pump extension
Moroso dry sump pan
Missle oil pump extra scavenge
Flat out head gaskets
Noonan Super 600 head 2.550 x 1.950
60 mm Cam MSR Profile
Manton roller shaft rockers
Manton 7/16 to 1/2 push rods
Cam FX 1 inch roller lifters
Victory valves
Victory locks and retainers 10 deg
PAC Valve Springs
Williams Black Sheet Metal Valve covers
BAE Roots mag short deck manifold

Built and Assembled by MSR Performance (Mike Stawicki)

Pictures Available upon Request



Built and Assembled by MSR Performance (Mike Stawicki)

Pictures Available upon Request


Hogan Pro Charger Manifold and ATI Damper


ATI Super Damper for Pro-Charger Set up for Hemi (Brand New) $300.00

Hogans Sheet Metal Hemi Manifold set up for Pro-Charger with Single Billet Throttle Body short Deck 10.225 Serial # 16629 (Brand New) $3,000.00


Call or Email for more Pics & Details




MW 11 inch Pro Gear

MW 11 inch Pro Gear
4.30 Ratio
17 runs total
Used in MW 11 inch Modular Rear End


CS2 Lenco Ratios and Misc Lenco Parts

CS2 Ratios $750.00 each

Can make one ratio complete for $1,200.00

New Lightweight Sprag Assembly $400.00
New Standard Sprag Assembly $400.00

LencoDrive FIlter (2) $50.00

LencoDrive Trans Brake Clutch Pack and Misc O rings and Seals $200.00

Case Bearing (2) $60.00