Resolution Racing Puts Up $1000 for Pro Modified #1 Qualifier at 2012 Shakedown Nationals

Resolution Racing Services has partnered with the Shakedown Nationals, sponsoring the Low Qualifier bonus in Pro Modified for the 10th annual race held at Old Bridge Raceway in Englishtown New Jersey. Jon Salemi owner of Resolution Racing Services put up the $1,000 bonus award. “These racers really put in a lot of work to get these cars down the track- I figured the least I could do was to reward the #1 qualifier with a bit of extra cash. We really enjoy participating in Shakedown each year- the competition gets tougher and the drivers just love the cool air and great track that Raceway Park provides for them.” The Shakedown (at E-Town) Nationals is an annual event and takes place this year on October 12-13 2012. Log onto for more info