Clutches, Clutches, Clutches

Crower 10.7 Aluminum Triple Disk Clutch

Hemi Aluminum Flywheel
Disks and Floaters included
Needs Cert
168 tooth Ring Gear
.250 Wide Lever
(6) 9/16 inch Stands


Ram Titanium 10 inch Triple Disk Clutch

Ty Donut
Ty Hat
Ty Stands 1/2 inch (6)
Aluminum Hemi Flywheel
Disks and Floaters
Needs Cert
Brand New
168 Tooth Ring Gear


Ram Aluminum 10 Triple Disk Clutch

Hemi Flywheel
168 Tooth Ring Gear
2 fingers set up for Lock up
23 runs total
Dial Indicator
6 Stand 1/2 inch
8 Spare Floaters


AFT /TF 10 Inch Triple Clutch

Hemi Fly Wheel No Ring Gear (has provisions for Ring Gear)
Set Up for Lock up or Standard (Levers for Both)
½ Inch Stands
10 used steel floaters
2 new ones
11 used discs
3 new ones
2 new bronze floaters
5 used resurfaced bronze
Some rebuild parts included Pins, Bushings, Base Springs, Levers and complete Counter weight kit



Pics Available of all units