Resolution Racing Services Steps into the Radial Vs The World Arena


Six months ago I got a call from Jeremy Evrist asking me if I was interested in tuning a Radial vs World car. About two minutes later I was speaking to team owner Eddie Whelan. He assured me that we would have the equipment to get the job done. Two days later I was at the track with this team and it’s been full speed ahead since then. Super proud of this entire team. Joe Albrecht has not only driven like a champ but also set this car up to make it handle the power I needed to give it to perform like it has. Rico Radial and  Joe Alagna keep this car in perfect running order. Michael Lang watches over everyone and makes sure the car is delivered and recovered. Melanie Salemi , Jim Salemi, Mike Stawicki and Jeff Pierce for always keeping me on the correct path. Proud that we are the first Supercharged Drag Radial car in the 3.70’s and over 200 mph. Coming up .02 short in the final round will only make us dig that much harder. Looking forward toward the future with our new race family, one race at a time. See everyone in February for Lights Out!!!