Terms and Conditions

The goods and services are for the purpose of racing only—an inherently dangerous activity—and Resolution Racing Services makes no representations or warranties in connection with the use of the goods and / or services and / or goods upon which services have been performed, or their safety, and expressly disclaims all implied warranties including the WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY of the WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

The Customer hereby releases and agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Resolution Racing Services for any harm, damage, injury or other loss or claim therefore to the customer, Resolution Racing Services, or any other persons, from any and all incidents relation to the use of any goods and / or services purchased from Resolution Racing Services and / or any goods upon which services have been performed by Resolution Racing Services. The remedy under any warranty which is not hereby effectively disclaimed is limited to repair or replacement of defective parts and specifically excluded all incidental or consequential damages. There are no warranties whatsoever as to future performance.

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